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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 1, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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to streets safer. and then the death penalty here may be only life support. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, this is bay area news at 7:00. thousands of nurses are on strike tonight in a labor dispute that's dragged on for months. happening now, paul chambers is life and tells us this one day strike is actually going to last a lot five days, paul? >> reporter: that is correct, gassi, it's been eight days, and this is the nurses union and you can see that they're taking part in the final rally today as they're in the picket line for the second time since may 2011. they're loud and want to be
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heard. around 3200 nurses took part in this one day strike. these nurses hit the streets at 7:00 this morning. >> 85% of those nurses that are coming here to work during the strike have been with us before on previous strikes. so we are very confident in the level of care that they provide. >> it's very sad that they're willing to spend millions of dollars on these nurses and not on their nurses, who are really what make their hospital. >> reporter: they're asking that they make 100 major concessions, including changes to paid sick leave and out of pocket costs for health care. they're asking for clear concessions but in most cases, they're in line with, or better than u.s. health care benefits. >> that's what we want to be taken to our nurses for the
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vote. >> this is almost verbatim of their first offer to us, almost verbatim. so no, we have not taken a vote. >> reporter: as of right now, it looks like there's a stalemate between the two groups. this is an one day strike however, they have employed temporary workers for five days. live in berkeley, i'm paul chambers, ktvu, news. >> they include alta bay, san lean -- deadly shooting of a long time business other than. the 50-year-old was shot and killed in this mobile phone store on international boulevard last night. police say it was during a lore. today, family and friends left candles outside of marcus cellular. it's been a mainstay on the
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boulevard for 14 years. today, the children shared photos and memories of their father's character. >> leading by example of what you should be as a man, as a father, as a friend, as a businessowner, as a good samaritan. he led by that, he gave that. >> the family and police are asking the community for any information that lead to those responsible. starting tonight, the california highway patrol is going to start allocating their officers to patrol the streets of oakland. two officers per car is typical for this assignment. >> reporter: tonight, the gate opens on a new detail. >> when you're on the swivel, you don't know where you are. >> reporter: d.h.p. officers getting off and hitting oakland streets. and so does bishop bob jackson
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as he asks the governor for the highway patrol to patrol the city. sam morgan says that the officers who patrol are from the open area. morgan says because of safety concerns, he cannot disclose where exactly they will be prolong or how many days or weekso this assignment will last. >> on each of these details when we have assisted a local police department, there has always been a definitive drop in calls for police-related services, in criminal activity both on lower-level and series crimes. >> i suppose that's a good thing. >> reporter: but not every resident agrees. >> i think i would like to see more o.p.d. officers out. it would just make me feel more safe, protected. >> i would go with the oakland police officers,. >> reporter: why. >> because they know more of the community. >> reporter: officer sam morgan is still working out whether it's the state or the city that's going to pay for this,
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possibly through a grant maybe, the officers are wrapping up an operational meeting and as soon as that is over, they will be out on the streets, out in oakland, mike, ctvu news. >> the swat team served -- in union city recently. they were said they heard flashbang grenades however, officers told us they did not find the people they're looking for. san francisco police are saying that they're upping patrols in the mission district. people gathered on harrison street to remember the victims of shooting victims. today, the police chief says that officers are making strides getting the guns off the streets. campo says that all three killings were gang-related. the coach on mara school district says that they failed
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to protect a girl -- legal filing. saying that christen cunning was responsible for the acts. they must -- kunning says that two -- while she was a student there one of those teachers killed himself the other was convicted and is serving an eight year prison sentence. now to election 2012 out of a new support that find support a growing for a ballot measure that would repeal death penalty in california. it would be retroact acted for the 7125 men and women on death row right now. 45% of likely voters support the measure. 38% say they oppose it, 17% are undecided. pollsters say that they may
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make up their minds on sunday. >> on sunday before the election had an influence on how voters voted and i think that might actually have some impact on this election as well. >> the poll also founded found the considering, abolishing there death penalty could save the state $130 million a year. california governor jerry brown made a last minute push in san francisco for his tax measure on next week's state- wide ballot. >> vote yes on 30. >> the governor made the case for measure 30. the measure would provide funding to california schools. if it fails, automatic trigger cuts will kick in costing schools something $6 billion. they said that the legislature could reverse those cuts but the governor said today that he would never sign that bill. mitt romney is prom promising real change and bipartisanship
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if he's elected. >> i'm going to be with democrat, much more frequently than that, because we're going to have to work together. >> the former massachusetts governor held three campaign events in virginia today where polls show a very close race. whereas president obama returned to the campaign trail in benefits. >> he says that he's the candidate of change. well, let me tell you, wisconsin we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering, sure ain't change. >> new york's mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama for election. the -- climate change. and criticized mitt romney's visiting stance on global warming. consumer confidence jumped last month to its highest level in five years. the conference board research group says that its confidence
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index rose just above 72, has given consumers a sunnier economic outlook. the index stood at 68 points in september. ninety points is considered a sign of a healthy economy. that report combined with a boost last month in private sector jobs -- the dow industrial gained 136, nasdaq rose by 42, the s.m.p. had its best day in six weeks. shares in -- after hours training. profits for the social networking giant came in above forecast. the company also boosted its projected revenues. shares are up 7% from the market's close. facebook is testing some new timeline changes that could make it a little bit more organized. according to inside facebook, the new version will place all posts in a wider left side column and all activity updates, friends, and places and apps on the right side in a narrower column. right now, posts appear on both the left and the right, once the right side modules run out. planners say that a new
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east bay complex has some unusual and eye-watching features. today was the grand-opening of the station near da' dak -- has the only u.s. installation of sculpture by the french artist louis debrai. the play pyramid is one of two in the world. patience is imperative on the east coast in the aftermath of sandy we'll go there live and learn about the long wait for basic essentials. and who knew that warmth would generate so much talk? >> the rain clouds move out of the bay area, coming up, how we could have some fog first thing in the morning and how 80 degrees return to parts of the bay area.
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>> affairs personnel at trace air force base loaded up a cargo plain plane for a storm- ravaged east coast. sixtieth aircraft maintenance -- took off this afternoon. >> and they going to be moving utility equipment and personnel to upstate new york that will allow us to turn the light switch on for the east coast. >> the operation includes active duty and reserve air force personnel. the mission is expected to last two weeks. the death totally continues to rise and the millions remain without power. for many, the blackout could last for weeks. chris is in manhattan tonight,
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with some of the huge challenges that are facing this recovery effort. chris? >> reporter: well, here we are in end of day three and for many areas in the east coast, it is still very much a search and rescue effort. now here in new york city there are two issues that prevail: power outages and the transit system. a lot of the subway trains were back up and running today however, that is in a very limited kind of fashion. so there are more subway stations includes the one that i'm in front of right now that are still shut down. the damage is unimaginable, the totally on human life and the devastation are still being tallied but the areas that are hardest hit, it's time to move forward. >> our jock job is to save lives. >> reporter: faced a choice of standing for lines for buses or trying to get to work on their
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own. >> normally, our train is 35 minutes door to door, i'm expecting a two hour walk. >> reporter: the transit authority says that nine of 23 subway lines are still not running. many much of manhattan south of 34th street remain in the dark. people there need food and republic. >> we're going to have to find some long-term or longer term solutions for this. >> reporter: lines for gas stations stretch for miles. the presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail with supportive words for storm victims. >> our hearts go out to the people who are suffering. >> reporter: but less than one week until the election, politics is still going back on the agenda. i know the obama folks are
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chanting four more years but our cannot is this: five more days. >> reporter: as you mentioned earlier, the death totally does unfortunately continue to rise, right now, at least 157 people have died from this storm in both the caribbean and the united states. now tonight, there are still more than 3 million people without power on the east coast. kasia? >> wells fargo bank is saying that they're waving late fees for those affected by hurricane sandy. and it donates a million dollars for help with relief efforts. they can make donations to -- the bay area -- to help victims of the storm, some left this morning from january. >> say meneta airport. more than 60 volunteers deployed from the east coast. the american red cross is saying that they're helping
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storm victims, blood donations are up 25%. another top peen states official now faces charges linked to the childhood sexual abuse scandal. graham spanner was charged today with conspiracy, and -- prosecutors say, he and two others deliberately gave false testimony to a grand jury. and sandusky is now serving at least 30 years in prison for abusing ten children over a 15 year period. a los angeles judge dismissed a case brought by britney spears' former manager. spears -- pay him. the judge ruled that lefty's attorney had not proven any of those claims. the federal government is considering some sweeping new rules that would target online
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sales of dogs and puppies. under this problem, the u.s. department of agriculture would license the sale of puppies. the department says that the online sales of puppies are often accident deceptive, and -- >> as for giants fans, there are many lasting impressions from yesterday's world series celebration. what could top tony bennett? well, a t-shirt for one, that's triggering lots of talk today. >> reporter: it's a scene the bay area will not soon forget. a championship celebration. the shirt that sergiobromo wore, san francisco supervisor. i don't know sat did i understand. like romo is latino. >> i've been discriminated against. i think sergio has as well,
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people feel that we could be from mexico. and that we're undocumented or illegal. >> reporter: the. >> we're definitely, very, very proud of romo because he stood for -- on documented. >> reporter: the senator's director compared the director to another politically iconic sports moment. held up their fists in a black power absolute on the meddle stand. at at&t park where players and coaches were wrapping up the post season no one would comment on the shirts' message. >> the closers a little different. you saw wilson outfit and of course put. the shirt came from this web site and a message says that hundreds are being printed because they are now
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backlogged. channel two news. >> yesterday, a victory parade cost the giants $1 million. and that doesn't even include the city's bill, which includes the cost of clean up if and transit -- to see the team and 568,061 people rod barth yesterday, setting a new record. the previous record was set during a giants word series parade in 2010. tomorrow's high school game of the week -- make sure to catch the previous right here on bay area news at 7:00 something he'll have all the highlights for you, over at cuvette news. >> 49ers kicked off an ambitious food drive this wednesday. 25,000 people turned 22nd harvest food every month.
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the name chosen for one new edition of san francisco zoo is already a home-run, we'll explain how the name will forever be linked to giants history. showers moving out but something else is moving in. meteorologist mark miles lets us know which parts have been soggy tomorrow morning. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> a chain reaction desert on highway 101 in san francisco sent one person to the hospital this afternoon. these pictures were taken by news chopper two just before 3:00 p.m. six cars involved in the crash, three of them taxis. they blocked the lanes just south of highway 280. the highway was cleared after about one hour. remember at this time mark telling us about the showers moving in. well, the timing isn't the best, but we do have clear skies. >> we have clear skies but we still have left-over moisture. watch out for the fog first thing tomorrow morning. the clouds are expanding over the bay right now. if you can see, the rain showers heading out the bay area with the bulk of the action heading to the south and the east. something you'll notice the live doppler sweep and not a lot of moisture to pick up as far as the recent imagery, san
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jose. temperatures in the -- afternoon, pacifica we're in the upper sixties out toward antioch and fairfield. we do have partly cloudy skies. it is cool out. there, tomorrow, a sun/cloud mix. we do warm things up over the weekend, in fact by sunday, warmest locations inland approaching the 80-degree mark, 80 degrees, first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, watch out for some dense fog reforming intentionally in the inland valleys but i have noticed the past few hours, some fog regrouping over the coastside, and down over by the bay bridge as well. once again this will be a concern first thing tomorrow morning, some fog, visibility's down to about a quarter of a mile, especially the inland valleys, pointing out to santa row is a. and look what happens in the -- a weak system moves
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in, but it will generate a few extra high clouds as we do head in the afternoon hours. look at the cloud cover moving into the region, friday afternoon, we'll have partly cloudy skies, maybe a few mostly cloudy observations, but no raindrops, it will be a dry day for friday and right on through to the weekend. forecast for tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s, a little bit warmer than today. our warmed trend begins tomorrow in is and can a little bit warmer for your friday, with your weekend always in view. don't forget so set the clocks back one hour on sunday morning. sergio romo, against the cincinnati reds ever since the giants just kept winning. he was hoping that sergio romo would come by for a naming
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ceremony. thank you for joining us. and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we're uncovering new problems at one of the bay area's popular club scenes. police have made dozens of arrests, but they may need to back off. thanks for joining us. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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